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Hannah Zamora

Goes by Z or Zamora


Zamora is a native Texas adventure photographer and documentary cinematographer based in Austin. She is inspired by stories untold, that cultivate a space for folks of diverse communities, subcultures and alternative lifestyles to thrive. Z approaches a project with curiosity, support and a compassionate awareness to make those in front of her camera feel comfortable and safe. She has shot from the top of granite mountains in South Korea, scaled a 1000 ft. cliff side deep in rural Mexico and traversed the sandstone in Southern Utah. 


After 5 years of nomadic living, couch surfing and doing the van life thing across the United States, Zamora nestled in the film industry in Austin Texas at the end of 2018. To her surprise, a lot of life’s lessons and skill sets from her former occupation of pedicabbing music festivals transfigured well into filmmaking. 


Z believes one of our most basic biological needs is to feel connected and relatable to other humans, which is why she seeks stories that deserve exposure our general media have failed to represent. She is drawn to the documentary world which has aided in a lot of her own healing through conversation and perspective.


You can find her climbing, playing acro by the local spring or prepping for her next big adventure and she will be happy to include you on her journey. 


 Recent Clients: Patagonia, Black Diamond, CC4C, RAB and Wild Country 

Photo Credit: Matt Langbehn  

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